Coaching for Every Budget

Schools and Districts

Schools and districts interested in MyLivePD™ for multiple teachers can take advantage of bulk discount pricing. Get more information on school programs or request a quote. If you are interested in how to develop these programs or need help, buy article online and be sure that the quality of the materials will meet the educational needs.

Individual Teachers

Individual teachers can purchase a plan that fits their planning and PD needs, and pay with a school purchase order or credit card. Supporting Education involves multi-level training, in our articles "Supporting Special Education: Inclusive Practices and Strategies for Every Teacher" and "Top 5 Science Teaching Strategies for Effective Classroom Learning" you can find all the answers.

Plans start at $100 an hour (1 hour is enough for 2-3 sessions with a coach).

Coaches are available Sunday through Thursday from 2pm ET to midnight.

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